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we also make legal translations?

In January and February we translated a large dossier regarding drug dealing from German to Belgian Dutch.

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Good communication is the most important tool in human relations. By communicating, we understand each other, we transfer information, we exchange ideas and we make clear and unambiguous agreements with each other.


The communication tool par excellence is our language. Clearly articulating ideas, presenting factual information or establishing transparent instructions seems simple initially, but in practice it is often a difficult, for some even impossible mission...


And then there is the language barrier. Communicating clearly in your mother tongue can be difficult at times. Communicating in a different language, with people of a different culture, with different habits and different sensitivities becomes an impossible challenge for increasingly more people.


At the same time, the world is becoming smaller and smaller. We can no longer avoid multilingual communication, we welcome visitors from abroad and globalise our activities.


DE-office has been assisting hundreds of clients for years with this important challenge.

Who are we?

DE-office was established in 2001 when Patrick DELESPAUL and Imelda EMMERS decided to expand their activities as freelance translators to a full scale translation agency. To this day, Patrick, with 30 years of translation experience, is business manager and owner.


In the following years, the company grew into a small SME with, today, 4 in-house translators, 3 reviewers and 2 project managers in permanent employment. In addition, the company has an extensive database of freelance translators so we can provide a suitable solution for just about any assignment.


DE-office has an annual turnover of around EUR 500,000 and carries out around 2,500 assignments a year for domestic and foreign clients. We use state-of-the-art technologies to offer quality translations at an affordable price.


DE-office can provide you with dozens of references in various domains. However, with most clients we have confidentiality agreements that do not allow us to communicate customer references via the website.

At your specific request, we can provide you with a limited number of references, depending on your request or assignment, which will be proof of our ability to also bring your assignment to a successful conclusion.

Below is an overview of some of the fields (incomplete list and in no particular order) and industry sectors for which DE-office works. We have customers in all continents across the globe:


  • Automobile
  • Civil engineering
  • Information technology
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Tourism
  • Marketing
  • Energy
  • Patents
  • Finance and fund management
  • Environment
  • Telecommunication
  • Radio, TV and multimedia



  • Law firms
  • Architects and engineering firms
  • Banking and insurance sectors
  • Advertising and communication agencies
  • Printing companies
  • European universities
  • Scientific institutions
  • Construction companies and property developers
  • Government services, parastatal agencies and European institutions
  • Tour operators
  • Museums and tourist services
  • Automobile manufacturers and manufacturers of automotive spare parts
  • Hardware and software manufacturers and suppliers
  • Heavy industry
  • Import and export businesses
  • Energy producers and grid operators

In addition to this, DE-office works for a whole range of domestic and foreign translation agencies.

We are happy to be at your service:

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